Call for Papers: UACES 2017 Conference (Krakow)

Below you will find a CfP for the upcoming 2017 conference in Krakow.

Those interested in submitting a paper proposal, please email your abstract (or any questions) to

Deadline for CfP: 5 January

Moving (too) Fast or Going Nowhere? – Constitutional Politics in Multinational States.

Multinational States present a particular set of complicated issues for those resident within its body politic. In order to satisfy the demands and aspirations of both majority and minority groups, governments have to confront a range of intractable challenges in the constitutional, institutional and political spheres. In most multinational states, debates on institutional design, constitutional change and state reform remain at the forefront of political agendas. The study of constitutional politics in multinational states has hitherto thrown up a range of interesting and complex dynamics, puzzles and contradictions related to radical, incremental or the absence of constitutional change in these states. In some European multinational states –  Spain and the UK are cases in point – the issue of secession looms large, whereas other states, Italy, for instance, finds itself mired in constitutional controversy. Some multinational states, however, – Bosnia and Herzegovina – appear to be stuck in a state of constitutional paralysis. In this panel, we propose exploring some of the many issues related to the constitutional politics of multinational states, both in Europe and further afield. We welcome contributions examining the nature and evolution of constitutional developments in multinational polities, with a particular focus on the contemporary nature of these debates and competing visions vis-à-vis constitutional politics.


Panel Organisers:

Paul Anderson (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)

Tomasz Czapiewski (University of Szczecin, Poland)

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